Monday, May 14, 2012

Republicans for Lori Compas this time, not Senator Fitzgerald!

Okay, let me see if I have this all straight.  Senator Scott Fitzgerald has been saying repeatedly that he looks forward to running his recall campaign on his political track record.  Quite frankly, I would love to see that as well, but I am not going to hold my breath on it.

Yet even after all of the hype and chatter about his desire to do so, the senator instead decided to start off by none other than trying to attack Lori Compas on a personal level.  So much for a track record unless of course you subscribe to the fact that this is his M/O of late.
Sadly, this type of behavior is exactly what I have come to expect of Senator Fitzgerald, so I was not shocked at all to see him throwing out such barbs from the start.  Secondly, the man never ceases to amaze me with how incredulously arrogant he can be with such flippant remarks.  The man truly seems to lack a common sense filter between this thoughts and his tongue.  At what point will party loyalty by his supporters wear thin.
Getting back to Senator Fitzgerald’s multiple claims about wanting to run his recall campaign on his political track record.  After reading Sundays front page of the WI State Journal, I found myself struggling to find any thread of a connection between his sexist remarks and how it relates at all to his supposed track record.
Let’s face it; Lori Compas has challenged Senator Fitzgerald to five public debates, and he has not even given her the decency of a response.  So much for running on his track record.  For those who feel that the senator is able to campaign without debating her, I would agree.  But I would also say that it is very typical from what I have been seeing that Senator Fitzgerald tends to buffer himself from having to answer tough questions about his actions.  He puts on so called “listening sessions” only to talk in circles with GOP talking point rhetoric when anyone disagrees with him or asks him to clarify a flippant remark.  He also tends to only talk on radio stations with people like Vicki McKenna, Charlie Sykes or Jeff Wagner where he knows that they will go out of their way to only make him look good.
For once I wish that he had to debate someone publically where he was compelled to answer the actual questions, or where he was compelled to clarify his statements with validation of truth or fact.  Ten and only then do I believe that people will get an opportunity to see his true colors as a career politician who no longer represents us, (the people of Senate District 13). 
If people truly believe that Senator Fitzgerald is the right choice for this office, then they too should encourage him to debate Lori Compas.  If he is as virtuous as he claims and she as unqualified as he suggests, then a debate would call out both points and he would garner even more votes.  After all, if Lori (or Pollyanna if you prefer) is merely a figure head for others and truly incapable of doing this on her own, wouldn’t debating her be like shooting fish in a barrel? 
As many of you know, I use to vote for Senator Fitzgerald.  But after visiting with him and communicating with him via phone and email on occasion over the past sixteen months, I have come to see a man who I never imagined and I do not feel good about my previous support for him.   So while I will continue to vote as a Republican in most elections, I certainly will not be offering my vote to Senator Fitzgerald anymore. 
I truly believe that Lori Compas will be a fast learner in office and she will remain true to her word and grounded by principle without forgetting who she represents.  Even if she makes a few freshman mistakes as she or anyone would, Lori still has a lot of room for error without being nearly as bad as Senator Fitzgerald is.
I encourage others to voice their request for these two candidates to conduct a public debate.  We deserve that at the very least.


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